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How to Unlock your iPhone SE with any Carrier of your choice in 9 easy Steps

Hello Guys, Welcome to mymobiapps.com. Today we’ll learn how to unlock your iPhone with another sim card. So we’re going to start off by showing you what it looks like when the phone is not working or without any carrier. The phone we are bought comes with Roger SIM Card and going to test with BELL Sim Card.


Check the phone without any carrier or SIM Card.

Ok, as the phone we bought is defaulted with Roger SIM. We are going to remove it and check the status of the phone if it is working fine without any carrier. If the phone is working without any carrier or SIM Card that means the iPhone functions properly. Let go to the next step.

Check the Signal Bar with the defaulted SIM Card or Network

If you completed the first step properly, insert or put the Carrier SIM Card Rogers in this case inside it to unlock your iPhone. So with a Rogers’s sim card is no problem usually takes a little time here to see there. We go to the top left-hand corner we’re starting to see the Rogers Signal Bar is working fine, and you can also verify that by going to

i) setting ii) general & iii) about …… there you
go, the network is displaying Rogers.

Insert the new SIM Card to unlock your iPhone

So now, what we’re going to do is we’re going to insert a BELL sim card and observe carefully what it looks like when the phone is locked with a different service provider, the BELL sim card in the iPhone, and wait for the device to detect these.

So the first message you should see on your screen that “Activation required” and “Slide to Unlock”. You should unlock your iPhone by sliding and you go to the screen where it asks you to you, select WiFi network. And Click next above the listed WiFi networks. Now you see that the SIM card is not valid, so this means that your phone is still locked is not really ready to be used with any network you want, and eventually, our goal is to factory unlock your iPhone with any carrier with your choice.

Get Your 15 Digit IMEI Number

Apple phones don’t actually use any code to unlock your iPhone unlike SAMSUNG with any network or SIM Card.  You need to get unlocked in the Apple server. So, in order to get your iPhone unlocked on the Apple server, you should know the 15 digit IEMI number of your device. Just go to the dialing screen and type *#06#. And you should see your IMEI number. Now, this is very important to write it down on a separate white paper.

Alternative Process to know 15 digit IEMI number of your device

Go to Settings, then go to general, next go to about section there you can find your 15 digit IEMI number below and you should carefully note it down properly. Otherwise, the process to unlock your iPhone will not work.

DIY Unlock your iPhone on Apple Server

By using Desktop or Laptop go to this website cellunlocker.net.  Now, this is a 100% safe method to unlock your iPhone. By using this method you will be unlocking your factory device officially without any void of the warranty of your device.

Go to the section where it asks you to “Unlock Your iPhone” .

Next, choose your device model.

Then Select, the network for which you are currently locked in this case Rogers.

Now the most important part, type the 15 digit IEMI number, you wrote down separately on white paper previously. You should double check the 15 digit IEMI number otherwise you’ll end up unlocking other’s people iPhones. Then, the website will verify your IEMI number on autopilot. And ask you to pay a small fee to unlock your iPhone.

Next, you should pay a small amount and confirm your order. And take print of your order confirmation.

Wait & Check Your Email.

After confirming your order with the website. Wait for the email from cellunlocker.net. Usually, it takes 24 business hours to unlock your iPhone. After receiving your email for order confirmation, you should check the instructions carefully.

Insert the new SIM Card.

Now you are almost done, you need the insert the new SIM card which was locked to use previously, in this case BELL SIM card. You’ll once again see the screens before “Activation Required” And “Swipe to Unlock”. You should go as it asks. After then, instead of choosing WiFi Network,
click “Cellular Connection” Wait a little Bit.

The process to Unlock Your iPhone Complete

And it’ll take you to the home screen and at the top left-hand corner you should see the network BELL. Double Check the network by going i) Settings ii) General iii) About iv) Network .. there you go the network is now BELL. Now your device is unlocked with BELL SIM Card. Just make a test call that
the device is working fine with the new Carrier.

Now, remove the BELL Sim card and insert the original Roger SIM Card. And double-check the network again. If it shows the Rogers Networks then your iPhone is unlocked with any carrier of your choice.

If you want you see the video tutorial on how to do it properly just watch the video below this article.

Thank you for being with us.


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