Tiffany Smith on Andra’s Inclusion

Masters of the Universe: Revelation's Orko, Andra, Teela, Roboto, and Evil-Lyn are all looking at something.

From left to proper: Orko, Andra, Teela, Roboto, and Evil-Lyn.
Image: Netflix

Even essentially the most dielaborious of He-Man followers could be pressed to recollect Andra. The character solely appeared in a handful of Marvel’s Masters of the Universe comics within the mid-‘80s, most of them as a brief cameo. But that changes in Netflix and Kevin Smith’s Revelation, the place the lieutenant of the Eternian guard joins Teela on an sudden journey—one which turns Andra into one of many present’s most important characters.

Revelation is really a love letter to the original series, and I think having [a new] character is really the entrance for the audience in a lot of ways into this new space,” says voice actor Tiffany Smith. “You meet Andra and she’s with a different version of Teela, or in a different part of Teela’s life. And I think that’s just a really easy gateway entrance back into the world.”

The motive Andra is so essential to Revelation is two-fold. The first is that the brand new Netflix sequence has been billed as a continuation of the practically 40-year-old unique He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon particularly, so any character that may act as a surrogate for any new viewers members is very necessary. Although she’s accompanying her good friend Teela (performed by Sarah Michelle Gellar, who we also spoke to), Andra is getting into the world of the Masters of the Universe and their battle in opposition to Skeletor simply as new viewers will likely be.

The second motive is that Andra brings some extra (much-needed) variety to the traditional ‘80s franchise. “It’s also really cool because for me, you know, growing up, watching cartoons, there weren’t a ton of characters on the screen that looked like me,” says Smith. “So to expand the [MotU] universe even more and making it more diverse, I think that was awesome and I’m so happy that I get to be a part of it, because yes, I watched the cartoon growing up!”

Having seen Revelation’s first 5 episodes (and with out spoiling something), I can say Andra is a good addition to the traditional cartoon’s canon and one of many highlights of Kevin Smith’s cartoon—and Tiffany Smith is one in all Revelation’s greatest voice actors, in addition. If Netflix does resolve to resume the sequence after season one ends, Masters of the Universe will likely be higher for having Andra and Smith as a part of it.

The first half of Masters of the Universe: Revelation debuts on Netflix on July 23. Will you be checking it out?

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