Think you’re wearing enough sunscreen? You’re probably not

Most individuals apply lower than half of the advisable quantity of sunscreen.

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Skin most cancers, solar injury, darkish spots and wrinkles — these are just some of the dangers of not wearing enough solar safety in your pores and skin. Whether you care extra about your well being danger or your future pores and skin look, hear up: you’re probably not wearing enough sunscreen

Everyone ought to put on sunscreen with at least SPF 15, since anybody is in danger for getting pores and skin most cancers. Of course, chances are you’ll want greater than SPF 15 if you’re spending time within the solar. SPF 30 or greater is your most secure finest for stronger safety. Sunscreen utility is not a “one-and-done” state of affairs, both. You ought to reapply sunscreen often, at the least each two hours and extra regularly if you’re sweating rather a lot or swimming. 

But is it enough to use a small dab of sunscreen, or must you lather a handful on? And what must you do in case you use merchandise like make-up or moisturizers that have already got SPF in them? Keep studying for extra steering from dermatologist Dr. Caren Campbell.

How to use an enough quantity of sunscreen

For starters, Campbell says that most individuals aren’t making use of almost enough sunscreen. “Studies show that most individuals solely apply 25-50% of [the] advisable quantity of sunscreen,” says Campbell. And in case you do not apply enough, chances are you’ll not be getting the quantity of safety that is listed on the label.

The quantity that Campbell recommends for the typical grownup is “1 ounce of sunscreen, which is the size of a shot glass,” she says. She prefers a liquid sunscreen over a twig, though they are often handy. “Spray sunscreens are always going to fall at the bottom of our list as they’re difficult to ensure good coverage on the exposed areas of the body,” says Campbell. 

If you’ve a tough time envisioning what 1 ounce seems like, esthetician and influencer Tiara Willis popularized the “two-finger rule,” which says that it’s best to apply two fingers’ worth of sunscreen.

When you apply your sunscreen, do not forget to use to these usually forgotten areas, like your ears, the tops of your toes, head (together with the scalp) and neck. “Some of the most aggressive skin cancers occur on your temples, ears and lips oftentimes because there are areas of the body that stick out and get more sun, but also because we forget to lather them in sunscreen,” Campbell says. 


Some skincare and make-up merchandise include SPF, however Campbell says it’s best to nonetheless put on sunscreen.

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If there’s SPF in my make-up/moisturizer/serum, do I nonetheless have to put on sunscreen? 

Campbell says this is likely one of the most typical errors she sees sufferers make with their solar safety: You cannot assume that the (sometimes small) quantity of SPF that is in your make-up or skincare is enough safety. “Most of my new patients come in using moisturizers with sunscreen or makeup that contains sunscreen and for them, they think this is sufficient and it’s not,” says Campbell. You’ll nonetheless want to use a superb facial sunscreen along with no matter is in your make-up or different merchandise for finest outcomes, since many of those merchandise are not SPF 30 or greater or they do not present broad spectrum safety, in accordance with Campbell.

“Most sunscreen in makeup and moisturizer is chemical sunscreen which doesn’t work as well or have as complete protection from harmful UV rays as mineral sunscreens, which are physical blocking sunscreens,” says Campbell. Mineral sunscreens work by reflecting the solar off of the pores and skin, reasonably than absorbing UV rays, which chemical sunscreens do. Campbell recommends mineral sunscreens over chemical as a result of she says they’re more practical: “You can also reapply dry sunscreen or powder sunscreen over makeup as you need to reapply every two hours or if you sweat.”

When to use sunscreen

You have to use sunscreen at the least quarter-hour earlier than you head out into the solar. “Especially with chemical sunscreens, these need to be applied 15 minutes prior to going outside as they need time to start working,” Campbell says. “You need to reapply every 2 hours or if you sweat or swim.”

Keep in thoughts that even in case you use “waterproof” or “water resistant” sunscreen, you continue to have to reapply after you might be in water. “Waterproof is no longer a thing — it’s water resistant, so when you get out of the pool, reapply,” says Campbell.

It by no means hurts to layer your sunscreen — even when which means including further items like hats, clothes, or the rest that shields you from the solar’s rays. “SPF clothing, hats, sunglasses, beach umbrellas – all these things help especially when we are sweating and swimming,” Campbell says. 

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