How to get the new HBO max app for firestick in 5 minutes like a pro

How to get the new HBO max app for firestick in 5 minutes like a pro

Hi guys, welcome to we’ll discuss how to get the new HBO max app for firestick. If you’re thinking of getting obviate your overpriced cable or satellite service or even you have already got we are here to assist you to create that transition as easy as possible with advice reviews and straightforward to follow and understand how to’s like this one right here today we are here to teach you ways to get the new HBO max app on your firestick or fire TV devices.

you’ll have heard about – all of you HBO Max is nowhere unless you would like to observe it on your fire TV Device amazon and HBO still hasn’t quite worked things out yet so rather than waiting around for them let’s show you ways you’ll be watching HBO max in only a couple of minutes. Oh by the way this is often not a hack for how to get it without having an account.

We are just telling you ways to observe your account on the fire stick even with Amazon and HBO aren’t allowing it but you’ll check-in for the free 7-day trial. Just keep following and you’ll be there in no time.

How to install New HBO Max App for Firestick

Don’t waste time installing New HBO Max App on Amazon Fire Stick. The below instructions will take you thru the whole download process if you don’t yet have the app, and will work for all Amazon Fire TV devices

  1. Go over to your settings and click on that
  2. Go over to my fire TV
  3. Then down to developer options and make sure to turn on all options
  4. ADB Debugging
  5. USB Debugging
  6. Apps from Unknown Sources

Now you’re a developer and feel free to add your resume and wait for the certificate in your mail box. This will help a lot to have new HBO max app for fire stick.

  • Click the Home Button and go to the searching icon i.e., magnifying glass
  • Search for Downloader.
  • Now, you want to download the “Downloader App”.
  • Once it is downloaded. It will ask you to enter a URL address.
  • You type and click go
  • Now It should start downloading. Once the download is complete.
  • Click on install. Now I asking you to do me favour. Please, go ahead and share this article with your friends, colleagues, and families.
  • Once it is installed then just click done then delete the apk file you won’t need it again just confirm the delete.
  • Now click on the home button and go to the apps and channels screen.
  • Now got to the listing of all your apps scroll down to the bottom and you will see filelinked, it should be the last one, the last installed.
  • Click on it to open. If you get a pop-up just click dismiss.
  • Type in this code 8 2 1 3 5 5 5 6 then click Next then click again on continue and
  • It will bring us here where we can download HBO max highlight it and click to download.
  • You’ll see the progress bar when it gets all the way to the right the download sign has now turned into a play sign click again.
  • Click on install when it’s done.
  • Click on open and there you go New HBO max app for firestick or TV device.
How to install New HBO Max App for Firestick

Click on sign-in you do not want to click start free trial or restore purchase with Google Play. Here as Google Play is not on your firestick and it will get confused and get all jammed up if you do want to do the free trial as I did, do that on the phone or computer for it and set up your account now when you go to you enter the code and it’s going to ask you to sign in to your account or start the free trial

So enter the code and then just like that it’s going to activate HBO Max on your fire stick now you’ll notice when you exit the app and go to the home screen it’s showing up as HBO now but that is because all the stuff that’s going on with Amazon and HBO when you click it. It will indeed be HBO Max App on firestick, as you see here now if you already have an HBO max app for firestick you want to uninstall it before doing any of this.

And there you go HBO Max for fire stick without the consent of HBO or Amazon.

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