How to Insert and Crop an Image to Fit a Shape in Microsoft PowerPoint

When you utilize pictures in your slideshows, you need them to be enticing. One manner is to mix a form together with your picture. You can simply insert and crop an picture to match or fill a form in PowerPoint.

Insert an Image into a Shape in PowerPoint

After creating the shape that you really want to insert an picture into, you’ll really fill the form with the picture.

Select the form and go to the Shape Format tab that shows. Click “Shape Fill” in the Shape Styles part of the ribbon and select “Picture.”

Go to Shape Fill and select Picture

Pick From a File, Stock Images, Online Pictures, or From Icons, relying on the image that you simply’d like to use. Select the picture and click on “Insert.”

Choose the location for the image

The picture that you simply picked will then fill the form. Now, you may regulate how the picture is formatted inside the form utilizing two actions: Fill or Fit.

Shape filled with an image in PowerPoint

Fill or Fit the Image in the Shape

When you “Fill” a form with an picture, this adjusts the picture size to match the form’s peak or width, whichever is biggest. When you “Fit” a form with an picture, this adjusts the image dimension in order that each the peak and width match the form.

Click the picture inside the form and go to the Picture Format tab that seems. Then, click on the arrow beneath “Crop” in the Size part of the ribbon and select both “Fill” or “Fit.”

Click Crop and pick Fill or Fit

You’ll discover that Fill and Fit every present fairly a totally different look. Since that is an non-obligatory step after inserting the picture into the form, select the most suitable choice for you.

Picture shape Fill and Fit comparison

Crop an Image as a Shape in PowerPoint

If you have got an image that you want to crop into a form in your slideshow, you are able to do this as properly.

Select the picture and go to the Picture Format tab. Click the arrow beneath “Crop” in the Size part of the ribbon and select “Crop to Shape.” Choose the form that you really want to use in the pop-out menu.

Click Crop as Shape and pick a shape

The picture will instantly replace into that form.

Image cropped as a shape in PowerPoint

You can then choose the picture and use the instruments on the Picture Format tab, or you may right-click to open the Format Picture sidebar to add some pizzazz.

Picture formatting tab and sidebar in PowerPoint

By combining shapes with purposeful or ornamental pictures in your PowerPoint slideshow, you may create an interesting and distinctive presentation.

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